montreal strip clubs

Why Checking Out a Strip Club in Montreal Is Always a Good Idea

You and your buddies may never go to strip clubs, but it really is an experience like no other in Montreal. From our experience, it is often more enjoyable than going to ones in other cities like Las Vegas. Here is why going to a Montreal strip club is always a good idea:

  • Fame: Montreal is as famous for its strip clubs (Super Sexe, Chez Paree, Kamasutra, Wanda’s, etc.) as it is for their hockey team. Would you go to Paris for the first time and not see the Eiffel tower?
  • Cost: At $15 a lap dance, it’s much less of a money pit than other places like Las Vegas.
  • Great Time Killer: If you have a 1-2 hour gap between dinner and the night club, a strip club is a great way to pass the time.
  • Nice Girls: Most visitors are impressed with the laid back attitude and the friendliness of the girls.
  • Easy To Get To: There are probably 3-4 strip clubs within walking distance of your hotel/ AirBnb, might as well stop by at least to say you went.
  • Easier To Hangout: In a strip club, you will always have a place to sit and the music is much quieter than the thumping bass of a nightclub. The comfort of a strip club is what makes it an enjoyable hangout spot. Instead of having to scream at your buddies in the nightclub, you can carry on a decent conversation without having to lose your voice.

Personally, I am not a strip club kind of guy when I travel (honestly!) but If you’re on a bachelor party in Montreal, it really is the right thing to do. You owe it to you and your buddies to checkout some of Montreal’s strip clubs. They are more fun than you think!

If it really isn’t your scene, suck it up for everyone else’s sake. The drinks are the same price as a bar and the scenery is much nicer.