Why Winter Time is a Great Idea for a Bachelor Party

I am not going to sugarcoat things: the winter is COLD in Montreal. However, Montreal is a great bachelor party destination year round. If you can embrace the elements or don’t have any other time available during the year, the winter time can be a great idea for a bachelor party. Here is why:


November to April is the low season for tourism in Montreal (aside from NYE and Christmas). This means that hotels tend to have lower rates than during the peak summer months. Rooms can be $50-100 per night cheaper on average and more readily available. As always, contact us first for the best deals on hotels. winter specials.

Less Tourists

In the summer, there are so many tourists that the lines to the strip clubs and night clubs look like the line to the men’s room at Yankee Stadium. In the winter, the demographic of party goers is far more local. Since Montreal girls are “friendly”, the lack of aggressive tourists can work in your favour. You will be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. The strip clubs can also be a better experience as the girls are hungry and will give you more attention.

More Girls

Montreal has a large student population and a drinking age of 18. This means that during the school year (September to April), the clubs can have way more impressionable young drunk girls, if you are into that sort of thing… Since the winter is harsh in Montreal, people tend to be cooped up a lot so when the girls get to the clubs they want to party hard.

Winter Sports

If you like to ski or board, then Montreal in the winter can be ideal for a bachelor party. 90 minutes from downtown Montreal is Mont Tremblant, a resort town known for some of the best skiing in the East. Since Tremblant is so close by, you can ski there in the morning and party back in Montreal in  the evening. If you prefer, we can also help arrange for a party house for you to spend the night in at Tremblant.