Why VIP Sucks in Montreal

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The term VIP in Montreal is the most over used and cliché nightlife term. VIP has become an inside joke among people in the know. Even our dry cleaner offers VIP service, the term has been so overused that the true meaning has diminished.

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There are countless providers offering VIP passes or access for people to go wait in a VIP line that is usually longer than the regular line. In-fact no decent club in Montreal has a VIP room, all bottle service and tables aren’t segregated to special rooms/sections. Only Montreal strip clubs offer VIP couches.

If you are calling yourself a VIP you are calling attention to the fact that you are not a VIP. The nightlife scene is close knit and if you are not out every weekend (like we are), you lose touch of what’s good and what’s not very quickly.

Our client’s importance is assumed with Connected Montreal.

When using our services we ensure that you never have to deal with any of the hassles usually associated with going out. You will never wait in a line, never have to pay covers, and will never be subjected to tipping. Every guest who books with us will receive the same exceptional level of service.

We don’t offer fictitious grades of packages that in the end give you the same result.

Our connections give you access to the best that Montreal has to offer, as we have built the best relationships with all the right people. We have “pull” because we have personally been on the frontlines longer than anyone in the industry. When you arrive at a venue with us you will be treated better than any so called “VIP”in Montreal.


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