The Full


Montreal Bachelor Party Itinerary

Based on 10 people, 2 nights, $707 per person

This itinerary is more “all inclusive”. You’ll be able to dabble in many of our options, from nightlife to stripper related to daytime activities. Taking it one step further from our greatest hits, we’re doubling down on the crazy (booze + girls) and throwing in one daytime activity to balance the weekend out. This lineup is going to ensure that you experience the most that Montreal and Connected have to offer.

Full Spread – Summary

All weekend

Personal host: Walk you into the night clubs + strip clubs and be your local guide

Customized itinerary: we will plan this out together based on your input

All access to night clubs and strip clubs (no lines/covers)

Dinner reservations (meal not included)

Cover charges

Tips for doorman at Night Clubs and Strip Clubs

Day 1

Topless Beer Pong - 2 girls, 2 hours

5L Bottles at the Night Club (Grey Goose or equivalent, mixers and tips included)

Party girls (3 hours)

Day 2

Legs and Eggs - 4 girls 1 hour with food

Daytime activities (karting, curling, white water rafting, axe throwing, jet boating, paintball)

5L bottles at supper club (Grey goose or equivalent, mixers and tips included)

Day 1

3:00 pm - Arrival

Your host will meet you at your hotel and lay out exactly how the weekend will work. He will be able to give you personalized tips and suggestions to maximize the bachelor party weekend.

4:00 pm - Early Afternoon

Topless Beer Pong

The squad is all here so it’s time to see who still has the skills and who’s washed up. We bring in 2 topless girls to put your beer pong skills to shame and get the competitive juices flowing.

6:00 pm - Early Evening

Bar Hopping

Keep the buzz from beer pong going and do some quick bar hopping on St-Denis Street where you’ll be able to check out the scene. Be sure to blame your lack of game on the language barrier.

8:00 pm - Dinner


For dinner, the bachelor party has reservations at one of the best steakhouses in Montreal. Steakhouses and bachelor parties are always a good mix, get the night started with some big Cabs and even bigger steaks.

10:00 pm - Early Evening

Strip club

A short uber ride/walk over to the strip club. Reconnect with your host as they walk you in and take care of all the tips and covers. Kick back and digest all that steak while a lovely French Canadian girl dances for you. A true hands on experience as all the best strip clubs are “full contact”.

11:30 pm - Evening

Nightclub Bottle Service with Party Girls

Your host then walks you into a prime nightclub (again past any lines) to your table. You’ve got the money, a good table, but don’t have the drive or ambition to pull girls to the table? No problem! We’ll stock the pond for you so you don’t need to go fishing. It’s like shooting blanks in a barrel. Young, hot, and impressionable French Canadian girls (not hookers) laugh at your jokes and take the tension off the group. Best of all, girls at your table attract more girls. If you can swing for it, party girls are a must considering they are the same price as a bottle at the club.

Day 2

11:30 am - Brunch

Legs and Eggs

Who knows what time you stumble out of bed, but luckily you won’t have to think about what to eat nor leave the comfort of your house. Two girls will arrive bright and early (not before 11am) to cook up a breakfast of champions for the crew all while wearing very little.

1:30 pm - Early Afternoon

White Water Rafting

The weather is nice and it’s time to do a group activity that your significant other would approve of. Nothing shakes off a hangover better than a mix of fear and cold water. While certainly not one of the hardest courses rafting down the Lachine Rapids, it is easily accessible (15 min from downtown) and always a crowd pleaser

Or Winter ideas

Curling, Skiing, Ice Fishing

Afternoon- free time : spa, massages, sleep in, young guys keep boozing

9:30 pm - Evening

Supper Club

Supper clubs combine two things that every bachelor party needs: dinner and clubbing. Some of the best clubs in Montreal are actually supper clubs. It’s a late dinner followed by bottle service at your table. In our opinion, it a must do for every bachelor party. The supper club starts getting wild as they turn down the lights and turn up the music. The supermodel hot waitresses bring out your bottles and everyone goes nuts.

Explore more itinerary ideas

The Hall of Famer

Tthe creme de la creme in terms of what Connected has to offer. Your career stats after this weekend will immediately make you a first ballot Connected Montreal Hall Of Famer. There’s nothing better than this!

The Legend Maker

For the big boys, we bring out all of the toys. This will not only make you a legend among your crew but will certainly leave an impression here in Montreal. You will wonder why you ever wasted your time and shekels in Vegas.

The Full Spread

This Full Spread itinerary is for the group that wants to sample all of our bachelor party activities. This is taking it up one notch from our Greatest Hits itinerary and making the bachelor party even more memorable.

The Greatest Hits

This itinerary is for those guys that want a taste of the majority of activities. We know it can be hard to choose, but for once, you really can have it all!

The B & R L

Let’s make the bachelor party great again! If your crew is more into beer, steaks, and strippers rather than fancy nightclubs, this itinerary is for you.

The Fundamentals

This itinerary is for the group that only needs our help with a few key bachelor party events and is looking to have a great time in Montreal on a tighter budget.

Explore more options and ideas

Private Lesbian Show

Two hand-picked girls will arrive at your hotel or bachelor pad and put on a show that you will save in the memory vault for years to come.

Legs & Eggs Brunch

Erase your hangover with two topless chefs cooking up a breakfast buffet in the buff. You certainly won’t start the morning like this back home.

College Girl & Pubs Crawl

Impressionable young girls will take you and your crew on a pub crawl. It’s more fun being lead around by girls with low GPAs and lower aspirations.

Limos & Lesbians

We will pick you up at the airport in a limo with two or more strippers performing an intimate show all the way to where you’re staying.

Fat Girl Show

Sure anyone can find hot girls in Montreal, but we found the ones that are sure to leave an impression on the bachelor and your sofa.

Topless Beer Pong

Throw a frat inspired party that would make the tri-lambs proud. What better bonding experience than day drinking with some local hotties.

Axe Throwing

Looking to do something Canadian and unique? Axe throwing is one of the best daytime activity and is a great cover up for the other weekend wildness.


If you are looking for attention, nothing turns heads like a little guy in a tuxedo. He'll bartend, scour the club for girls and get the party started. You break, you buy!

Steaks & Lesbians

Dine in a private room at one of Montreal’s finest steakhouses. For dessert, we’ll have two lovely, respectable ladies put on a show that the bachelor will not soon forget.

Brisket and Breasts

Take it to the next level and have some topless ladies serving piping hot Schwartz’s smoked meat to you on a platter.

Naked Waitress

Have some topless girls serving the food of your choice hot and fresh on a platter. Certainly adds some seasoning to your meat.

Jello Wrestling

Create the royal rumble of your dreams. Four Montreal Strippers battling it out in the jello of your choice. With a midget referee.

Cigar, Scotch, Stripper

Enjoy the company of your friends while indulging in three vices. Rent out your own private cigar lounge and stock it however you want. Cigar, Scotch, Strippers.

Topless Poker Dealer

Every bachelor party needs a competition aspect. Up the ante and go all-in with a high stakes poker. The topless dealer makes bluffing much harder.

Naked Sushi Nyotaimori

Naked body sushi (Also known as Nyotaimori in Japanese) is the ultimate bachelor party idea. This is our most memorable activity and by far our most delicious!


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